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When can I pick up the costume and return it?

The costume can be picked up any time from the Thursday prior to the event and needs to be returned on the Monday. If you require the costume mid week, then you can pick up the costume a couple of days prior to your event and return the day after. The average hire is 3 - 4 days.

How far in advance do I need to book?

You can book your costume any time prior to your event. You can come weeks before, which will guarantee you that the costume is available when you need it. You simply pay $15 booking fee per costume, which gets deducted from the hire price when you complete payment. Or you can come the day of your party and if its available you can take it then.

What do I need to bring to hire a costume?

We require a valid photo identification which has your home address on it to hire a costume.

Are the costumes clean?

Yes off course! We wash each costume and clean all accessories as they get returned.

Do I have to clean the costume before returning it?

No, this is part of the price you pay to hire our costume.

How much are the costumes to hire?

The average cost is $65 for adults and $30 for a child costume (considering the child fits into a Childs costume and not an adults)

Do I need to pay a security bond?

Yes, the average bond you pay is $60 for adults and $30 for children. This is refunded when you return the costume, assuming the costume is not lost, damaged or late.

Do I need to pay for the costume if it is lost, damaged or late?

Yes, you will need to pay the replacement fee if the costume is lost or damaged and that is charged according to the item. If the costume is late, we will deduct $10 per day that it is late.

Do you hire kids costumes?

Yes, we have a range of kids costumes and accessories that we hire.

Do you have a variety of sizes for Female and Male costumes?

We can cater for female size 6 - 24 and for male small to 4x.

Can you alter the costume according to my size/height?

We can make some adjustments to costumes depending on what needs to be altered and the type of costume that it is.

Do you sell costumes?

We sell costume accessories and will be selling costumes very soon.